An interpretation of Vancouver China’s new single and music video

From occupying the guise of a lifeless masked figure to exuberant, care-free dancing in a green wig, Vancouver China balances heavy weighted introspection with care free relief in his new single and music video “All Time”.

I first listened to…

One man’s thoughts on the trope and the realities of “the alcoholic author”

Image by Chris Bauer. Courtesy of Author

I am a writer and I drink.

Not very unique, is it?

Non-writers might assume that most writers are alcoholics and with good reason. Bukowski, Carver, and Williams are all linked together by the fact that they are revered authors… as well as alcoholics.

This has me wondering: does alcohol…

And then COVID-19 hit

Photo owned by Author, Created by Chris Bauer (IG:cbauerphoto)
Image owned by Author; Created by Chris Bauer (IG: cbauerphoto)

Not So Long Ago

I worked in biologics for a major pharmaceutical manufacturing company. It was a good job, as far as day jobs go. Some of my coworkers became my best friends and the company treated its employees well for the most part. …

A short story

Photo by valentin fernandes on Unsplash

July 11, 1958

Howard’s hand reached for the car radio dial and filled the cabin with static noise before landing on a clear station. He turned the volume up after realizing he could still hear the bunch of stringed cans rattling against the pavement behind him. He then started ripping…

Vancouver China’s visual telling of their new single “Maybe It’s For The Best” is a visceral vortex of love and self reflection.

We see two lovers looking at each other from outside an all brick building with warm light escaping, as if to suggest that this home is a haven from the cold, thick air outside. Within a matter of one frame, everything changes and Tawaine Noah stands by himself within…

Guitarists are a special breed of musician for a multitude of reasons, but there’s one fundamental gap in our instrumental knowledge that seems almost exclusive to guitarists:

Most guitarists don’t know all the note names on their instrument.

In our defense, the fretboard can seem daunting to master compared to…

Davis Wilton Bader

Guitarist (Lumet) and writer based out of St. Louis, MO.

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